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Sushen Vaidya - The Doctor Who Saved Laxman's Life

Sushen Vaidya – The Doctor Who Saved Laxman’s Life

It was the worst day of the war for the Vanara Sena and Rama. After defeating so many powerful warriors from Ravana’s side, their side seemed to be growing weak. It had been a victim of the fatal attack from the side of Ravana. The day of the war had turned into a nightmare when Indrajit attacked Laxmana with a fatal blow to Brahmastra which Laxmana could not cancel. Laxmana lay critically injured on the battlefield. The Vanara Sena and Rama came to the spot immediately and figured out that Laxmana was in critical condition. They immediately had the doctor talk to them and they realized that they needed a highly specialized and expert doctor who could treat this type of fatal celestial wound. However, they did not know anyone around. Rama was in an abyss of helplessness and despair. Sushen Vaidya was the only doctor who could have saved him but he was Ravana’s royal doctor.

Hanuman could not see his lord being in such a state. He tried to console Rama but to no avail. Meanwhile, Vibhishan got to know the situation and immediately went to Hanuman. He said,

“O Hanuman, I came to know about Laxman and I think we need to act fast. I know the royal doctor of Ravana and I am sure he would be able to help us. There have been times when either of us has been fatally injured and he was able to successfully recover us. I prythee, waste no time and come with me to get him to Laxmana. His name is Sushen Vaidya.”

Hanuman immediately understood the situation. He and Vibhishan went to search for Sushen Vaidya. The doctor was not at all easy to find. They searched the places they knew and even asked people in Ravana’s palace about him. Ravana’s army had no idea. Finally, Vibhishan remembered a place where Sushen Vaidya would be often found. He took Hanuman there and they immediately found him. They told the situation to Sushen Vaidya. He agreed to come and see the wounds. They returned to the place where Laxmana lay. There was a gush of hope and relief that the army could feel now. They knew that Vibhishan had helped them to get out of many troubles and hindrances and this too would turn out to be successful. However, Sushen Vaidya immediately went to Laxmana’s body and diagnosed it. He said,

“O Rama, your brother is brutally wounded. He is in an extremely bad condition and he would need really special medicines and herbs to cure him. These medicines are really hard to find and they are nowhere near us. We need to get those medicines. These herbs are only found on Dronagiri Mountain. I need herbs such as Sanjeevani, Rudanti, and some other herbs that are only found on that mountain. If any of you can go and bring them, I can try my best to cure Laxman. I do not guarantee that his injuries would be immediately healed but he would be able to survive and recover very quickly.“

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