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The Curse Of Parshurama And Karna’s Martial Arts Training

The Curse Of Parshurama And Karna’s Martial Arts Training

Karna had a peaceful and loving childhood at the house of Adiratha and Radha. They showered him with love and blessings. Adiratha gifted him a horse and Chariot thinking he would carry on the legacy and become a charioteer too. However, Karna expressed his desire to be a warrior. Adiratha agreed and told him to approach Dronacharya. Dronacharya refused him as he was a ‘Suta’ (low caste) and he only taught Royal Kshatriyas. Thus, a rejected Karna went back broken-hearted.

When Karna Met Parshurama

He then approached the mightiest warrior he had heard about- Parshurama. Parshurama asked him what caste he belonged to. Fearing rejection and knowing that Parshurama only taught Brahmins, Karna lied that he was a Brahmin. Parshurama accepted him with delight. Karna was a committed and sincere pupil who learnt every art form with diligence and dedication.  Soon, Karna became an expert in whatever Parshurama taught him.

Parshurama saw the sincerity and honesty of Karna and trained him on how to use the highest weapon in warfare, Brahmastra. Karna learnt to use this ultimate weapon. Parshurama was highly impressed and he stated that Karna was second to none and was at the level of him. He also stated that Karna had learnt all he had to offer and his training has now come to an end. An elated Karna did not know how to react to this wonderful news. He asked Parshurama if there was anything that he could do for him. Parshurama replied that he doesn’t want anything. If Karna could fetch a deerskin for him to rest for a while, he would be more than happy. Karna right away said that it would be an honour if his Guru could consider his lap as a pillow and rest on it. Parshurama agreed and took a nap.

The Curse of Parshurama

Indra saw Karna’s progress and he could not bear the idea of Karna being better than Arjuna, his son. He took the form of a bee and stung his knee. Karna tolerated the bee-stung and did not utter even the slightest of discomfort. The stung started bleeding and a drop of blood fell on Parshurama’s face. Parshurama was furious as he realized that no Brahmin could tolerate such pain and Karna must be a Kshatriya. Karna’s silence to this remark made him infuriated and he gave Karna a curse that Karna would forget his skills when he would need them the most.

A helpless Karna pleaded his case and stated that he did not want to disturb his teacher’s sleep. Karna also confessed his true heritage. Parshurama could not revoke his curse but he gave him assurance that Karna would be known as the best archers in the world.

As we all know, the curse comes into action in the war of Kurukshetra when he is facing Arjuna and he succumbs to the attacks of Arjuna. Karna’s tragedy knows no end of the misery he had to face and the dilemma he had to always face in order to do what he loved.

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