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The Death Of Kumbhakarna

The Death Of Kumbhakarna

The battle was on. It was the 4th day of the battle and now, Ravana’s army was in the highlight. It was also the day when the death of Kumbhakarna was supposed to happen. Ravana’s army was on the winning side as their stalwart and the mighty warrior were now awake and fighting for them. The previous defeats were shadowed by this giant who became the lamp of hope. Hanuman was injured while battling Kumbhakarna and Sugreeva was in his grip. He was at Kumbhakaran’s mercy and a simple mistake could cost him his life.

Hanuman had recovered from an unethical move that Kumbhakarna had made against him on the battlefield. Kumbhakarna had attacked him with a spear when they were combating hand to hand and this was a clear violation of the war ethics. Hanuman was injured and now looked at the situation. He had seen the giant holding Sugriva and his wrath was at its peak. He knew that something had to be done at the moment but he was stopped.

He was stopped by his conscience which said that it is not his role to kill Kumbhakarna. This feat must be of Lord Rama’s. This is Rama’s fight and if he defeats Kumbhakarna, he would take away all the limelight as well as the praises that Rama deserved. Hence, he was in a dilemma. His perplexedness did not last long as he saw Sugreeva regaining consciousness. Sugreeva was alive and Hanuman realized that Sugreeva would be able to save himself from Kumbhakarna. Hence, he quickly went to alert Rama and asked him to defeat this giant. The death of Kumbhakarna was supposed to happen at the hands of Lord Rama.

Meanwhile, Sugreeva bit the ear of Kumbhakarna and was able to free himself. Now, the giant was angry. He tried to rush and kill the monkeys but the strength of Nala, Nila, and the other warriors made sure that he did not leave his place. Hanuman had found Rama and quickly alerted him about the situation. Rama quickly moved towards Kumbhakarna.

Hanuman came in front of Kumbhakarna and showed Rama who Kumbhakarna was. Kumbhakarna saw Rama and realized that Rama was no ordinary human being and was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kumbhakaran said, “O Rama, I know that my brother has wronged you and you do not deserve this treatment. I know that what I am doing is wrong but I am bound by the duty to serve my brother. I hope you can forgive me for what I am doing. I shall not leave my ground and death of Kumbhakarna by your hands would be an honour. Please forgive me.”

Rama heard him and said, “O Kumbhakarna, Ravana must have done some truly great deeds to have a brother like you who is still standing by him in times of distress. You are doing your duty and I have the utmost respect for that. However, we must fight and the war must go on so pick your weapon and fight me.”

And both the warriors picked up their weapons. The fight went on until some time. Finally, Rama used one of the celestial weapons and hit Kumbhakarna. Kumbhakarna knew that this was his end and he succumbed to the weapon of Rama. Thus, the day ended with Rama’s victory.

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  • I have a doute that,after khumbhkarana’s death where is his head if we know where is his head we can prove that ramayana is happaned…
    please answer me,as soon as possible.

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