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The Desire Of Shurpanakha For Rama And Lakshmana

The Desire Of Shurpanakha For Rama And Lakshmana

Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita had to return to the forest after they completed the rites and rituals for Dasharatha’s death. They completed the mourning period and despite pleadings by Bharata, and all the three mothers, Rama was adamant to fulfil the promise Dasharatha had made to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi did everything to convince him to stay and accepted her mistake but Rama had no grudges against his stepmother and thought it was very natural for her to wish for nothing but the best for Bharata. He also had full trust and faith in Bharata’s capabilities to rule the kingdom. He went ahead to the forest with Sita and Lakshmana while Bharata swore not to sit on the throne and rule as a substitute until Rama comes back. It is said that he put the slippers of Rama on the throne and never sat on it. Where does Shurpanakha fit in this? Read on to know more.

After several days of journey, the trio had reached the forest of Panchavati. Here, they made their arrangements and constructed a small hut for them to live in. They got used to the idea of living in the forest. Lakshmana never slept and he guarded the hut. Lakshmana had asked Urmila to seek a blessing from the Gods that she would continue sleeping instead of Lakshmana and Lakshmana would not need to sleep until they return from the exile.

One day, Shurpanakha came to know about three people living in the forest. Ravana owned the forest and he ruled over it so Shurpankha thought that she must know who these people are. She thought that it would be a good idea to go and check for herself who these three are. She had also heard about Rama. Hence, she was curious to see them and went.

After reaching the hut, she called upon Rama. She was smitten by him and straight away asked him to marry her. Rama was shocked and surprised to see such a request coming from her. He politely refused and said that he was married to Sita and he had no intentions or desire to marry another woman. However, Rama wanted to have a little fun on his brother’s cost so he told Shurpanakha that Lakshmana, his brother is as handsome and strong as he is. She should go and talk to her.

Shurpanakha went to Lakshmana and again proposed to him to marry. Lakshmana was stunned to see this happening but also realized that it was his elder brother who had sent her to him. He told Shurpanakha that he is just a servant of Rama and his status does not meet that of a royal Princess. Shurpanakha again went to Rama.

Rama refused and praised Sita for her beauty and charm. Shurpanakha was frustrated, angry, and furious at the constant praises for Sita and the chain of refusals that the brothers gave her. She got really angry and stepped forward to attack Sita after insulting her. Lakshmana could not stand such behaviour and immediately cut her nose. Shurpanakha was so furious that she rushed back to her palace and planned revenge for them.

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