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The Revenge Of Rejected Shurpanakha

The Revenge Of Rejected Shurpanakha

The rejected Shurpanakha returned to the palace and was drowned in fury and fire of revenge. She could not stand the insult and the harm that the two brothers did to her. She told Ravana the event that happened. Ravana was able to provide her with medical facilities to revive her of her nose and ears. However, Ravana took little interest in the tale of hers and took no action for her. The rejected Shurpanakha then approached her cousin, Khara, the king of the Danda region and asked her to help her. He immediately agreed and sent seven Rakshasas of him to eliminate the two brothers.

Meanwhile, Rama and company lived in peace in the forest and were unaware of the conspiracies that were being made to kill them. They immediately heard someone approaching them and commanding them to fight them. Rama and Laxman went ahead and tried to pacify them. Rama always wanted to prevent any violence. However, the Rakshasa paid no heed to the attempts of pacification. Rama and Laxman had to take their weapons. They attacked the Rakshasas and killed them with extreme ease.

The news of the Rakshasa’s defeat reached Khara and he realized that these were no ordinary people and were quite powerful. Khara was an extremely skilled and powerful king who had won many wars and killed many powerful people. He now left no stone unturned and decided to go ahead to fight these people. He ordered an army of 14000 soldiers to accompany him while he got ready with his divine weapons.

Thus, King Khara approached the forest and tried to attack and warn the brothers. He also offered Rama to come and join Ravana and become his slave. They politely refused the offer and seeing no other option, a war began between the two parties. Rama and Laxman were highly skilled and they easily killed the army of 14000 soldiers. Khara got furious and was in wrath. He started to attack Rama and Laxman. A fierce duel followed. Finally, Rama was able to kill Khara.

Akampan, Ravana’s uncle had also accompanied the army and he somehow managed to escape the attack. He immediately went back to Ravana and reported the event. Ravana was furious to hear his cousin being slaughtered so easily. He sought revenge. Akampan also instigated Ravana about Sita’s beauty and how he should have her. Shurpanakha also added fuel to the fire by adding to the description of Sita’s beauty. She described Sita as the most beautiful woman on the earth and so vividly that Ravana wanted to have her. He was also furious and wanted to seek revenge so with Akampan, he devised a plan.

The plan was simple. He would ask Maricha, a Rakshasa with form changing abilities to become a beautiful deer that would attract and lure Sita and Ravana would kidnap her and bring her to Lanka. They had no plans to eliminate or kill any of the two brothers and they thought the revenge would be served the moment they successfully kidnap Sita.

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