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The Story Of A Squirrel In Ramayana

The Story Of A Squirrel In Ramayana

The story of a squirrel in Ramayana is little known but it gives an important lesson.

Rama was about to face Ravana and had started his journey to Lanka from Kishkindha. A major obstacle was to pass the ocean that was right in the way to Lanka. Hanuman could easily put the two brothers on his shoulders and take them to Lanka but Rama refused to do so and he said that he would only go to Lanka with each and every soldier that has opted to help him with such eagerness and enthusiasm. The immediate alternative that the army could think of was to build a bridge.

They could build a bridge with carving stones and that would take years and years of effort. This delay was not affordable in the quest to rescue Sita from the demonic hands of Ravana. While the army started to build the bridge, Hanuman discovered that if and when he threw a stone with the name of Lord Rama, it would float in the ocean. He made everyone try it and it worked. Hence, now the only thing to do was to have enough stones that would make sure that they reached Lanka as quickly and as safely as possible.

Everyone started gathering stones. They all decided that it would be easier to write the name of Rama so that they can even concentrate on multiple things at once and multitask. Thus began a process where one part of the army would collect and gather stones at one point while a set of people would write the name of Rama. Then, the selected part would throw the stones in the ocean in a sequential manner to build the bridge. This process went on for a while and everyone was equally engrossed in it.

A monkey’s laughter was heard and then he exclaimed,

“Oh tiny squirrel, you are of no use here. You cannot even lift a stone more than two times your height. Please leave the task of weightlifting to Vanaras like us.”

The squirrel was surprised to hear this but it paid no attention to these nasty remarks that the Vanara had made. It continued to work hard and soon, it reached the end of the bridge and put its stone. Rama noticed this.

He went to the squirrel and told it,

“Oh Squirrel, I am so impressed and delighted to see your dedication and eagerness to help. Please accept my gratitude. I would also like to apologise on the behalf of the monkey who mocked your efforts. I would always remember you and squirrels would have a special place in my heart.”

The Squirrel replied,

“Oh Lord Rama, it is only my duty to help someone in need. This time, it is you who needs some help and I thought my little hands could do a little task for you. I would always be delighted to help you. Thank you for your blessings and kindness.”

And then, Rama took the squirrel in his hand and put his other hand on the squirrel petting it affectionately and kindly.

It is said that the lines on the Squirrel’s body are due to the petting of Rama on the squirrel.

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