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The Story Of Bhishma And His 5 Golden Arrows

The Story Of Bhishma And His 5 Golden Arrows

There are so many stories in Mahabharata that often go unnoticed but they could have had a huge impact if they would have not happened. One such story is the story of five arrows. The five arrows were strong enough to kill the five Pandavas and end the war in a jiffy. The arrows made by the life force of Bhishma. Read on to know the exact story of the five arrows.

After a few days of the war, Duryodhana was upset with Bhishma. He thought that Bhishma was not giving his heart and soul to the war and was actually sided with Pandavas but fighting with Kauravas just for the promise he had made to protect Hastinapur. Duryodhana went ahead and confronted Bhishma. An upset Bhishma could not say anything but took five arrows from his quiver, meditated for a while and put his life force in those five arrows. Bhishma then gave it to Duryodhana saying that these arrows are powerful enough to kill all the Pandavas. They would never fail because he has put his years of penance and life force in those five arrows. This would end them and you would win the war just after striking them with the arrows.

Duryodhana happily accepted the arrows and thought that he would easily win the war with this ultimate weapon. He was excited to try it out the next day. Bhishma asked him to return the five arrows and take them again tomorrow. Duryodhana thought that Bhishma could easily betray him and hand them over or destroy the arrows in a state of righteousness. Duryodhana was stubborn and he would not let the arrows go to Bhishma. Bhishma let it be and let him have those arrows and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Lord Krishna received the news of these five arrows from his spies. He quickly made a plan and called Arjuna and instructed him. Arjuna then went to Duryodhana in stealth. Duryodhana was shocked to see him and was ready to attack the intruder but he realized it was Arjuna and knew that Arjuna was a man of his word and would never attack from the back. Arjuna asked for a boon.

Actually, Arjuna was the person who had rescued Duryodhana from the hands of Gandharva soldiers who had captured Duryodhana. Duryodhana could not do anything and Arjuna had to help him out. Duryodhana told Arjuna that Arjuna can ask for anything and any boon from him. Arjuna had not asked him any boon until this moment and asked for the arrows. Duryodhana was a true warrior who never broke a promise and reluctantly gave away the arrows to Arjuna.

As Arjuna left, Duryodhana rushed to Bhishma and requested him to make another set of arrows for him. Bhishma said that he had put years of penance and his life force in those arrows and it is impossible for him to make it again. However, he promised Duryodhana that he would fight with his full heart and soul.

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