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The Terror Of Kumbhakarna On The Battlefield

The Terror Of Kumbhakarna On The Battlefield

It was all done and over now. Ravana’s only hope was now in Kumbhakarna. He had woken up Kumbhakarna and explained to him the situation. Kumbhakarna’s first response was to surrender and stop the war as soon as possible but Ravana got infuriated at this idea and asked Kumbhakarna to go and join Rama’s army if he did not want to help his brother. Kumbhakarna realized that there was no going back now and he needed to do his part as a loyal brother who helps his family. Thus, Kumbhakarna agreed to go to the battlefield now. A new war strategy was implemented by Ravana and it was not the same anymore. The terror of Kumbhakarna on the battlefield was about to begin.

Rama’s army was stunned to see Kumbhakarna instead of Ravana. They had expected Ravana to come back and fight. Vibhishana had also suggested to Rama a few strategies to battle Ravana. However, when they saw Kumbhakarna, they were taken by surprise. Vibhishana told the army about Kumbhakarna. He said, “This is my brother- Kumbhakarna. He is the one who was struck by Indra’s lightning bolt but it did not harm him. He eventually defeats Indra and he has Lord Brahma’s boon. He is very powerful and his strength is equivalent to Ravana. We need to attack him with caution and make sure that we exploit his weaknesses. He is strong for sure but he is not invincible. He is a warrior that has raw and brute strength.“

And as the army heard this description from Vibhishana, they saw Kumbhakarna coming toward him in his raw form. He was smashing and killing the Vanara Sena with just a stroke of his hands. Now, it was time for action and someone powerful needs to tackle Kumbhakarna. Thus, Hanuman went to fight Kumbhakarna. It was a battle between the two mighty and powerful warriors.

Hanuman went and hit Kumbhakarna with his mace. Kumbhakarna was stunned to see such strength and power in him. He was certainly not expecting a Vanara to be so powerful. He realized that now, he would need to cheat and make sure that Hanuman is taken by surprise. Thus, he attacked Hanuman with his spear on the chest. Hanuman was badly injured.

The Vanara Sena saw Hanuman being injured and they were terrified. The terror of Kumbhakarna was clearly visible. A wave of shock, fear, and panic stuck them. They went berserk. Sugriva came forward and started to fight with Kumbhakarna. Kumbhakarna was able to sideline Sugriva too. Now, Nila thought that he must be stopped while the two warriors recover. He lifted a mountain and threw it at Kumbhakarna with full force. Kumbhakarna was able to break the mountain with his bare hands.

Kumbhakarna marched forward towards Rama’s army. He saw Sugriva in a corner and lifted him on the shoulder. He had captured Sugriva and now, Sugriva was in grave danger. Hanuman had recovered and saw this scene. He was furious now and thought that the best thing to do would be to take the mighty form and kill this demon once and for all. However, something stopped him. He could not do so.

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