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The Wrath Of Ravana

The Wrath Of Ravana

Laxmana was cured and now he was facing Indrajit on the battlefield. Their rivalry was at its peak. Indrajit knew that Laxmana had survived the Brahmastra so now, he had to find another weapon worthy enough to kill him. Laxmana had the perfect strategy to make sure that Indrajit is defeated and killed now. He had made sure that the army hinders the Yagna and does not let him sit on the chariot that was given as a boon to him by Brahma. Yet, Indrajit enters the battlefield on another chariot and tries to fight Laxmana.

As they fight, he says that he is not going to be defeated as he has got a boon from Brahma that only a person who has not slept for 14 years can defeat him and there is no human being that can survive without sleep for such a long time. Hence, he was overconfident about his victory and immortality. Laxmana replied to this that he had not slept for 14 years as he was guarding Rama and Sita. Indrajit replies.

“ that is impossible. No one can survive for such a long time without sleep. You must have slept in the day then. Do not try to fool me and play mind games with me. “

Laxmana replies,

“ just like how Brahma gave you the boon, my wife got a boon that she could sleep all the time while I was in exile and I would not need to sleep even for a second in order to guard my brother and Sister in law. I do not play mind games. Your end is near. Just accept it.”

Saying this, Laxmana started shooting arrows at Indrajit. Indrajit was demotivated now. He knew that this was the truth. However, he fought back. Finally, Laxmana knew that this is enough. He took one of his celestial weapons and shot it at Indrajit. Indrajit had no idea how to tackle it or counter it. It managed to pierce his chest and soon, he was dead. He was struggling to breathe and he could not fathom the reality. He finally died and the day ended.

The army was now jubilant about the herculean task that was over. Indrajit was killed and there was only Ravana left that acted as a hindrance. He was next to be killed. They rejoiced and took a breath of relief and joy. The worst was over. Laxmana had done the task of killing Indrajit. The Indrajit had managed to almost kill Laxmana and play deceptive games on Rama and Laxmana.

Meanwhile, Ravana was shattered upon hearing this news. Indrajit was his last hope. He saw the body of Indrajit and he could not believe his eyes. He was in shock. He went numb. He did the rituals with a heavy heart and managed to say goodbye to his son. Now, he wanted revenge and that was the only thing that could give peace to his son. He knew that this was a fantasy and little could it be turned into truth but still, he wanted to fight.

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