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This Is How Ravana Planned To Kidnap Sita

This Is How Ravana Planned To Kidnap Sita

Lakshmana left the hut with Sita and drew the ultra-powerful Lakshmana Rekha around it. Sita had agreed to not cross it under any circumstances until either or both Rama and Lakshmana returned. She sat and waited for them. As time passed, she grew more and more anxious. Suddenly, she heard a voice at a distance from the hut. She got up and went to see who is around and where is the voice coming from. She noticed a hermit. The hermit was dressed in Saffron clothes and had the white tilak on his forehead. He was taking the name of Lord Shiva. Sita observed him closely.

He saw Sita and said, “O divine lady, please let me in and give me some food and water. I have been travelling from far away and I need some rest.”

Sita replied, “O Messenger of God, I would consider it my fortune to serve you and make sure that you go ahead with better energy and in a well-rested state of mind but currently, my circumstances do not allow me to come out of the hut.”

He replied to her, “O holy woman, what are the circumstances that disallow you to come out? Please tell me and I would pray to God that they get better as soon as possible.”

Sita said. “O Hermit, I would not want you to be worried about my circumstances. You are already so tired and hungry. My worries shall only make you feel worse.”

Hermit replied, “Please do not feel so guilty in sharing your worries. I am sure that God has given me enough power to help anyone in trouble. Give me a chance to help you.”

After a moment of thinking, Sita confessed. “I am here in exile with my husband and brother-in-law. My husband went to catch a golden deer that I liked. He did not come after a long time so I asked my brother-in-law to go and search for him. My brother-in-law reluctantly agreed but while going, he told me not to cross this divine boundary.“

Hermit comforted. “You do not have to cross the boundary if your brother-in-law refused you to do so. If you allow me, I would come in and you can serve me with food and water.”

Sita said, “That is something we can do. Please come in.”

The Hermit tried to enter the hut but the divine powers of the Lakshmana Rekha gave him a shock every time he tried to cross the boundary.

Finally, the hermit said, “O Divine Lady, I see that you are protected by divine powers. Please come and serve me food. I have been waiting for a long and when I tried to enter, I was hurt by those powers. It is a citizen’s duty to help people in need. If you are not able to, I may have to curse you.”

Sita was in a dilemma now. She thought for a while and went inside the hut to fetch some food. She came out with some food in a thali and went to offer it to the hermit.

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