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Vajramushti - The Demon Who Slayed By Hanuman And Rama

Vajramushti – The Demon Who Was Slayed By Rama

Rama and Laxman had successfully won the second day of the battle. They could defeat the demon of Akampana. The first day had been eventful with them getting unconscious by Indrajit’s special weapon and then rescued by Garuda. However, they had already killed many skilled warriors from Ravana’s army such as Prahasta, Durmukh, and Mrugraksh. Now, they were confident enough to go further and defeat Ravana. Hence, they made a strategy to enter Ravana’s fort.

The fort was well secure with multiple walls and high doors that would be impossible to break down. It would need much effort and combined force to take them down. The army assembled and planned on how to take the door out. They finally decided that all the powerful warriors, as well as soldiers, would use logs of wood and finally break the door. It was a tedious task and first, they had to get the log. They got it and then, they started attacking the door. It did not work at first but they did not give up. They continued to ram it and finally, they could break the door.

As the breaking of the door happened, Ravana and his ministers discussed the next step that they would take to ensure that they stay in the war and defeat their enemy. Ravana was fed up and had decided to enter the battlefield by himself. However, a minister from the court came up and volunteered to go and fight the princes. The warrior was Vajramushti, the son of the minister Malyavan. Ravana agreed to this and Vajramushti went to the door.

Vajramushti was huge and gigantic. He was powerful enough and he could attack the army with just a single blow of his hand. Hanuman saw this and then went to challenge. Vajramusthi saw Hanuman and said, “You Puny Vanara are no match to my strength and valour. I am here to fight Rama and I would not waste my time with such non-important people who can be killed in a single blow.”

Hanuman was smiling mischievously at this remark. And as Vajramushti was watching, he increased his size and became the size that was the equal to Vajramushti. He started fighting with Vajramushti. The fight went on for a while and Rama was watching all this. Rama said, “Wait Hanuman. If he wants to fight me, let him fight me. Some things are written by fate and they cannot be changed.”

And Rama went to Hanuman who picked Rama in his hand and gave him enough height to be able to attack Vajramushti. Rama shot an arrow but Vajramushti was able to tackle him with ease. Rama asked Hanuman to take him higher and Hanuman raised him. Rama was now at the level of Vajramushti’s face. He saw that the neck was vulnerable and unarmored, unlike other body parts. Without wasting any time, Rama stuck an arrow right in the neck of Vajramushti and killed him.

The whole army gave out a scream of cheer and they all hailed Lord Rama for his strength!

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