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Vali - Sugriva's Brother Turned Enemy

Vali – Sugriva’s Brother Turned Enemy

Rama had decided to help the Kishkindha king Sugriva but he only knew the surface of the story. He then asked Sugriva what exactly the matter was. Sugriva went on to tell the following story about him and his brother Vali:

Vali was known for his valour and courage all over the world. He was said to be the strongest of the warrior and no one could overpower him in bare strength. He was a righteous king and he had the support of the people. His praises and description were spread all over the world. One demon named Dundubhi wanted to prove him wrong and defeat him. He challenged Vali to a duel. Vali agreed. The battle went on for a while but Dundubhi was no match for the mighty Vali. He defeated the demon and broke him apart. His blood flowed all around like a river. While Vali was gleaming with pride in his victory, he heard an angry voice. This was the voice of Sage Mahanta who was angry because the blood of a demon Dunbudhi had polluted all the hermitage of Sage Mahanta on Mount Rishyamuka. The trees had stopped growing and some withered. The sage cursed the warrior that if he ever came near the mountain, he would die immediately.

Sugriva also informed that the curse was the reason that he and his ministers stayed on the mountain. Then he resumed his story.

After Dundubhi was defeated, Vali went on to live his life but Mayavi, son of Dundubhi was infuriated by the death of his father. He had taken an oath to avenge his father’s death. He gathered an army and attacked the kingdom. It was a cakewalk for Vali and his army to defeat Mayavi’s army. However, Mayavi fled the battlefield and hid in a cave. Sugriva and his brother followed the demon to the cave. Vali ordered Sugriva to stay out of the cave and wait for him to return. Vali went inside. A year passed but there was no sign of either his brother or Mayavi. Sugriva had waited enough. Just then, he saw a river of blood coming out from the cave. He immediately shut the cave with a big rock thinking it was the blood of Vali.

When he returned to the kingdom and told the story, the ministers urged him to take the throne. After waiting for some time, he reluctantly gave in to the demands and took the throne. However, the warrior returned. On seeing Sugriva take his throne and rule the country, he thought that it was all a plan of Sugriva to deceive Vali and take the throne. Vali got so angry that he sent Sugriva to exile and enslaved Ruma, Sugriva’s wife. Sugriva had no choice but to leave the kingdom as he knew that he was no match for the might and resources that Vali had. He fled to mount Rishyamukha where his brother could not enter because of the curse.

Ever since then, Sugriva spent his time thinking of a way to overpower this king and get his wife back but to no avail. Rama heard this story compassionately and immediately told Sugriva to take him and go to Vali.

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