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Vamana - The Fifth Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Vamana – The Fifth Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Vamana is the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu that shows us the importance of devotion to God. He also explains to us how all worldly possessions are temporary but your spiritual peace is permanent. Let’s understand the flow of this tale and discover the hidden learnings of Lord Vishnu.

Millions of years ago, the king of demons – Bali attacked the demigods with a strong army leading to the horrible defeat of the demigods. The demigods were thrown out of the heavenly space and the demons took over the realm. King Bali captured Lord Indra’s palace and started living there in luxury. He experienced all the luxury and grand possessions of the world at the palace. His strength and win had boosted his ego to another level.

Seeing the condition of his son, Lord Indra’s mother, Aditi requested Lord Vishnu to help them. Lord Vishnu accepted her request. He was born out of her womb with a black complexion, four hands and dressed in radiant yellow garments. He soon changed his look to that of a dwarf named Vamana. He looked like a priest’s student with staff, an umbrella, a religious thread, yellow garments and a water pot.

His look was so radiant that some spectator’s thought that the lord of the sun had come himself. Vamana made his way to Bali’s palace. King Bali was very pleased to welcome this student priest into his abode. He welcomed him by cleaning his feet. King Bali asked the boy what he wished for. Lord Vishnu in the avatar of a dwarf replied with a simple yet smart answer. He said that “I would only ask for things that are fit to my character as a brahmin. Brahmin’s don’t believe and do not like to indulge in over-expecting”.

King Bali then went on to speak freely and ask for whatever the boy wishes for. The boy said to king Bali – “ I would like only 3 pieces of land from you. The 3 pieces of land would be the ones where I place my feet. The ones that would suffice me as a sleeping space”. Bali replied, “Oh Boy! Even though you are a brahmin, you do not have the intelligence. I am willing to give you so much but you ask for so little.”

Vamana was persistent in his wishes and hence eventually King Bali agreed. Vamana grew bigger and bigger in the front of the king’s eyes and placed his first leg on the surface of the earth taking charge of the entire earth. He then went on to take back the heavenly realm. He then turned himself back into the dwarf.

King Bali was petrified to see this and did not know what to do next. Vamana reminded King Bali of his promise of giving him 3 pieces of land. King Bali surrendering to the supreme lord bowed down to him and was ready to sacrifice himself as the third wish. His wife, Vindhyavalli stepped in and tried to save her husband.

Seeing King Bali’s behaviour and devotion, Lord Vishnu decided to send the couple to Sitala, the celestial realm which is known to be more beautiful than the other realms. King Bali concluding the situation said to Lord Vishnu that he understands the importance of devotion and also understands the fact that all the possessions are merely temporary in this world.

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