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Varaha - The Third Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Varaha – The Third Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Varaha avatar describes the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a wild boar destroying evil and teaching us many valuable lessons to remember for a lifetime. Varaha avatar is considered to be the third prime incarnation of Lord Vishnu to bring order back into the universe.

Hiranyaksha entered this world with evils. When he was born, a lot of omens took place and the entire earth felt the tremor of a demon taking birth. He grew up to be as giant as a mountain. He was very proud of himself and his egos were touching the sky. He had taken so much gold from the planet that earth lost its balance and fell out of orbit. It landed into the ocean and sunk deep to the bed.

Hiranyaksha in an attempt to show his power and strength dived into the ocean and started his search for the lord of waters – Varuna. He challenged Varuna to a fight. Varuna due to old age refused to fight with the demon. To bestow some sense into him said that Lord Vishnu would be fighting you and you would lie flat on your deathbed when that happens.

Not paying heed to the advice of Varuna, Hiranyaksha started his search for the enemy. Lord Vishnu as Varaha avatar entered the universe and found the planet earth. With the help of his two tusks, he picked up the planet and left to finish the fight with the demon.

Upon the first confrontation, Hiranyaksha made his announcement of crushing the wild boar’s skull with his bare hands and claiming earth to please his demon friends. Lord Vishnu had different plans for the demon.

The lord was worried about the safety of the planet earth. He raced through the universe to place earth in a safe space. Being the lord of nearly everything in existence, he controlled gravity too. He made the earth light as a ball and placed it on a water body. Earth floated lightly on the surface of the water.

Glances and hero statements were passed between the two before getting into a fight. Hiranyaksha started fighting with all his might and Lord Vishnu kept making it difficult for him to win this fight. They fought vigorously and to a point where the heavenly gods were scared for the well-being of Lord Vishnu.

They suggested that Lord Vishnu kill the demon off quickly and not indulge in any more games with him. He called for his sharp disc weapon: Sudarshan chakra (known to many by this name) and raced towards the demon’s chin. The demon dodged this attack but Lord Vishnu attacked once and twice again.

Using his magical powers the demon turned invisible and started causing havoc. Using his supreme powers, the lord nullified the demon’s magic powers. Not giving up, the demon rushed towards Vishnu embracing him in a hug to crush him.

Lord Vishnu realised that he had let the demon play for long and slapped the demon on his ears and the demon fell apart. His eyes popped out his socket and he fell down to welcome his death.

Winds started blowing as if showing the relief caused to the universe. Lord Vishnu in the form of Varaha picked up the earth from the water surface and placed it back into its orbit, restoring yet again the pre-decided order of the universe.

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