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Vibhishana Joins Lord Rama Against Ravana

Vibhishana Joins Lord Rama Against Ravana

While Rama and his army built the bridge and were about to reach near Lanka, a different event happened in Lanka. Ravana was so frustrated and angry with Vibhishana that he had ordered his little brother to leave the kingdom and go to exile. Vibhishana was always in the favor of Rama and pleaded with Ravana to prevent the war. That would not only save the kingdom but also ensure that happiness and prosperity prevailed in the whole world. However, Ravana was too arrogant and swept in the anger of revenge and power that he did not see the worth of Vibhishana’s words. Vibhishana then left Lanka in order to join Rama. He consulted his mother and said his goodbyes to his daughter who was guarding Sita and to his wife. Finally, he was about to leave Lanka.

However, he wanted to join Rama and he knew that the army would not accept him immediately. He thought for a while and he was prepared with his armour and weapons. He carried a mace and also had with him his two favourite demons that would accompany him. He started the journey. Vibhishana was a very wise and smart warrior who knew how to use his intelligence to the most. He made sure that he stayed in touch with a few people in Lanka and also gave his own spies in Lanka.

Finally, Vibhishana was near to the army of Rama. He could see the army and realized that it was time to act. He put his mace on his shoulder and started walking towards Rama. Hanuman, Angad, and the army noticed him and immediately got ready to attack back. He slowly came forward. Rama was very calm and he was not affected by the panic that his army was feeling. He told his army to calm down and let Vibhishana come to him. They did so but they still were not ready to drop their weapons.

Vibhishana came forward and he slowly was near Rama. Vibhishana was asked many questions. Hanuman immediately asked him,

“Oh brother of Ravana, why are you here and what is your reason to come here?” Tell us now!“

Vibhishana replies,

“Oh son of Vayu, please allow me to join your army and defeat Ravana. I told him so many times to surrender and let Sita go but he never listened.”

Angad says,

“Oh Vibhishana, how do we believe you and what is the proof that you are here to join us and not spy for Ravana? Prove that and we shall take you in our army with open arms.”

Vibhishana replies,

“I can tell you that Ravana has kept Sita in Ashokvatika and it is my own daughter that is guarding her. Ravana has also a boon that would protect him from every harm. This is just proof of my loyalty to Rama.”

Rama replies to him,

“Oh Vibhishana, I see your intentions and I know that you are a part of the righteous group. I welcome you with open arms.”

Rama goes and hugs Vibhishana and thus, gets a person who would help him win the war.

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