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Vighnaraja - The Seventh Avatar Of Ganesha

Vighnaraja – The Seventh Avatar Of Ganesha

In Mudgala Purana, Ganesha was incarcerated as Vighnaraja, and he finished Mamasura or Mamtasura, the demon of attachment. Ganesha and Mama have an unlikely similarity in their origin. Goddess Parvati was their creator. Let us see how Mamasura was born.

Once Lord Shiva had gone to meditate in thick forests. Parvati was alone and felt restless at the Kailash mountains. Thus, she visited her family and friends in the Himalayas, where her father Himavat ruled. She was happy to see familiar faces.

One day, she was roaming in the gardens, chattering with her friends. Parvati’s friends teased her that soon Shiva would wake up and nobody will be there at Kailash to welcome him home. Thinking of her husband, Parvati laughed loudly at this remark. Her laughter was so powerful that it created a handsome man.

Awestruck, everyone stared at the man. Parvati was amazed at her strength. The man respectfully folded his hands and asked her, “What can I do for you?” Swelled with pride, Parvati called him Mama, which means mine in Sanskrit. She advised Mama to chant Shadakshara Mantra (Ganesha’s hum) and follow the path of truth. The man thanked Parvati. He then went on to travel through deep forests, praying to Ganesha.

But unfortunately, his paths crossed with Sambara. Sambara was a demon. He misguided Mama, tricking him into joining the demons. Mama forgot about Lord Ganesha. He became well versed in the cruel ways of Asuras. He was known as Mamasura.

Mamasura married Mohini, daughter of the demon chief. He started ruling the Patal Loka (hinterland). With the demon army by his side, Mamasura conquered heaven, driving the gods away. Gods prayed to Ganesha and asked him for help.

Ganesha knew of Mamasura. He sent a message through sage Narada that the demon should end the violence. Mamasura didn’t listen to reason and arrogantly dismissed Ganesha’s request. Ganesha was enraged at this behaviour.

Lord Ganesha materialized as Vighnaraja. His carrier was the great serpent, Sheshnag. Vighnaraja hurled his Kamal Pushpa (White flower) on Mamasura’s army, which made them unconscious. Witnessing this, Mamasura was scared out of his mind. He fell on his knees, begging forgiveness from the mighty Lord.

Ganesha was known to be compassionate. He forgave Mamasura and ordered him to return the heavens to the gods. Thus the balance between the three worlds was restored. The gods praised him for his bravery.

Symbolism Of Vighnaraja

Vighnaraja means Lord of obstacles. People regard the elephant as a powerful animal. They throw away any obstacle that comes in their way. That is why he is called a remover of obstacles.

There is another legend. During Samudra Manthana, the gods didn’t remember Ganesha. He wanted to teach them a lesson. Ganesha caused the giant snake Vasuki who was being used as a snake, to spit venom out. The gods were poisoned. They prayed to Ganesha for help.

On Ganesha’s request, Shiva consumed the poison, clearing the air. Since then, everyone prays to Lord Ganesha at the beginning of every task. He is believed to clear any hindrance that prevents us from success.

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