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Why Did Kumbhakarna Advise Ravana To Surrender?

Why Did Kumbhakarna Advise Ravana To Surrender?

Ravana had entered the battlefield after seeing many warriors like Vajramushti, Durmukh, and Prahatsa getting defeated. He battled Rama and figured out that Rama was no ordinary warrior and he would need all the help and support that he could get. He had also sent Indrajit to the battlefield on day 2 and that resulted in a temporary victory but it was soon overridden by Rama’s army. Now, he needed the best. Thus, he had decided that it was time for Kumbhakarna to enter the battlefield. Kumbhakarna was as powerful and as skilled as Ravana and he could defeat the brothers. Thus, he had ordered his soldiers to wake him up from his sleep.

The soldiers tried hard and put in all their efforts to wake the giant up. They tickled him, they made all kinds of noises but nothing could move the blissful Kumbhakarna from his sleep. Finally, they thought of enticing him with the smell of some delicious food. It worked like charm and Kumbhakarna awoke. He was ready and went to Ravana. Ravana was delighted to see him. However, Kumbhakarna was also irritated that he was woken up from his sleep.

Ravana told the situation and about the war to Kumbhakarna. Kumbhakarna did not know anything about the kingdom and his deep sleep had put in a curtain of ignorance that needed to open. As he understood the situation and assessed the options, he said, “O Ravana, I know the war has already begun. We have already lost so many warriors. Rama is no ordinary human being and this would not even justify the revenge for Shurpankha. Shurpankha was wrong in her stance and she tried to insult the brothers which are why she was attacked. I advise you that let Sita go and peace shall unite us all and we shall be prosperous again.”

Ravana was infuriated hearing this. He did not expect his dear brother to say things like this. He replied, “Kumbhakarna, I do expect to hear such things from your mouth. We must avenge our sister and I want to teach Rama a lesson. The war would go on. If you do not want to support me and leave my kingdom, go and join Rama’s army as Vibhishana did. Do not tell me what to do and to surrender from this war. I am no coward and I shall win the war. I am the most powerful warrior and no one can defeat me.“

Kumbhakarna understood that rage and arrogance had shadowed his better senses of Ravana and there was no coming back from this. Hence, he thought it would be better to support Ravana and be by his side as an ideal brother and go to the war. He knew that his death was certain and there was no chance of victory but he agreed to go to war. He said, “O elder one, do not get upset or angry. I shall go to the battlefield and give my best. You would either hear about our victory or my death. Nothing can stop me now. I shall always be by your side until death.”

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