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Yuyutsu - The Kaurava Who Switched Side

Yuyutsu – The Kaurava Who Switched Side

Dhritarashtra is often believed to have 100 sons who would become the heirs to the throne and rule over Hastinapur. However, only a few people know that he actually had 102 heirs. The hundred Kauravas along with Dushala, the only daughter of Hastinapur, and Yuyutsu – his stepson. Yuyutsu was born to Dhritarashtra and Sughada, the maid of Gandhari. Dhritarashtra was very anxious and unsure about Gandhari’s pregnancy. Gandhari was pregnant for a few years and Dhritarashtra thought that the throne would not have any heir from his side and his brothers’ sons would take over the throne from him. Thus, Yuyutsu was born to Dhritarashtra and Sughada.

Yuyutsu was elder to all the Kauravas except Duryodhana. He was also elder to the Pandavas except for Yudhisthir. However, he was often sidelined and neglected by the Kauravas. His lineage and his being a son of a maid caused troubles to him and he was never seen as the equals of Kauravas. However, he received all the knowledge and education that all of his siblings received. After Pandavas arrived at Hastinapur, he befriended them and saw that they have a common link – torture by the Kauravas.

Yuyutsu was never given due respect so he was not given much attention too. All the traps and the conspiracies were made against the Pandavas by Duryodhana. Duryodhana had a special hatred against Bhima, who was equal to him in terms of strength and mace skills. Often, Bhima would be the centre of Duryodhana’s evils. Bhima was also innocent and naive as compared to his brothers and it would be easier to make him fall into traps. It became all the easier if it was with something Bhima loved the most- food. However, Yuyutsu had always got the Pandavas’ back and saved them often.

Once, Shakuni and Duryodhana had planned to make Bhima drink poisoned water. This would be a simple and effective tool to eliminate their enemy with ease. However, thanks to the presence of Yuyutsu, this feat was prevented. Yuyutsu simply stopped Bhima from drinking the water and saved his life. Yuyutsu was also a key informer of all the ill conspiracies that Duryodhana would devise for the Pandavas.

In fact, Yuyutsu was also openly against the cheerharan of Draupadi, like Vikarna, and protested against the heinous act but to no avail. All the warriors were given a choice to choose a side from Pandavas and Kauravas. Unlike Vikarna, his loyal and righteous brother, he chose the Pandavas side and saw that Kauravas stood no chance to survive. He played a vital role in the war. He was considered an Atirathi, a warrior who could easily fight and match the power of 60,000 soldiers. This strengthened the Pandavas side and gave them a boost. He was also one of the 11 warriors who survived the war.

After the war, he was the supervisor of the kingdom and helped it to reach the peak of nobility and prosperity. Thus, Yuyutsu becomes the  Dwarpar Yuga version of Vibhishan, the brother of Ravana who fought with Ram.

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