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Fascinating Story Of Mathura - Then And Now

Fascinating Story Of Mathura – Then And Now

Mathura is considered the birthplace of Shri Krishna. It is also famously known as one of the 7 holy towns in India. Hindus consider Mathura – Vrindavan to be blessed by Lord Krishna himself.

Mathura is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Lord Krishna is said to have spent his early childhood in Vrindavan. It is also assumed to be the origin place of the dance form of Kathak. Tales tell the story of how people were disheartened when Lord Krishna left Vrindavan. They started narrating his stories to fill their sorrowful hearts and dancing and singing during these storytelling sessions. This gave birth to Kathak. Uttar Pradesh is the state of origin state for Kathak.

Kathak is still very popular in Uttar Pradesh and North India. The Brij Basha and old Hindi have a prevalent inclusion in the dance form and that is due to the influence of the early Pracharaks (promoters) of this dance form.

There are many temples in Vrindavan that are dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The temples are widespread now and lakhs of devotees go there every year to seek his blessings. It is said that a true devotee of Shri Krishna can feel his essence in the town even today

The residents of the town have clearly mentioned that it is prohibited to leave your house at night as the Raslila continues to date. The town is a manifestation of Krishna and the people who loved him dearly and so it continues to be even today. The people living in the town are his true devotees and they consider his teachings as a life lesson.

Lord Krishna has given us a path of life through Bhagavad Gita and it is kept to heart by the people of Vrindavan. Mathura then was a town of Krishna and still continues to be the same. Devotion and love for Shri Krishna is evident in the way they talk. It is crystal clear from the way they choose to lead their life. It is also seen from the way they choose to treat fellow human beings.

Vrindavan is called the spiritual heaven for devotees. There are more than 5000 temples in this town that are solely dedicated to Krishna and the bond between Radha and Krishna. Govardhan Hill is one of the other attractions of this town too. The history and stories of this hill are known to all and it becomes one of the many to leave its essence behind.

Vrindavan is a place full of mysteries. Speaking on lengths regarding the Raslila, Nidhivan is a place that is considered to host this raslila every single night. If the locals are to be believed it is prohibited to enter Nidhivan or even catch a sight of the jungle post the evening aarti in Vrindavan. It is said that Shri Krishna comes there every evening for raslila and the trees which are peculiarly shaped take the form of the gopis to participate in this celebration. Animals and creatures that wander in these jungles in the day vacate it as soon as the sun hits the ground and return back after dawn. The gates to this jungle are shut tight after 7 pm and open only at dawn.

Such are the mysteries and stories of Mathura – Vrindavan which have significant importance from the times of Lord Krishna.

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