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Kunti - Mother Of Yudhishthira, Bhima And Arjuna

Kunti – Mother Of Yudhishthira, Bhima And Arjuna

While we all know that the life of Kunti was no less than a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, little do we know the details that made up her life. Here is a brief story of Kunti, the princess of Kuntibhoja.

Kunti was born as Pritha to Yadava chief Shurasena. She was adopted by her childless uncle Kuntibhoja and was renamed Kunti. She was often considered a lucky charm to Kuntibhoja and was treated with utmost love and respect. One day, Sage Durvasa had come to the kingdom and Kuntibhoja had invited him to his palace. Durvasa becomes highly impressed with Kunti’s devotion and service and blesses her with a divine mantra that would enable her to have a son with any God she wished. Kunti’s curiosity and impatient nature made her try this mantra without a wedding and she gave birth to Karna, who then spent an unfortunate life.

Kunti chose Pandu in her Swayamvar. One day, Pandu went hunting in the forest where he killed two mating deers who were actually Sage Kindama and his wife. The dying Sage Kindama cursed him that he would die whenever he tried to make love with his wife. Pandu could not bear the burden of this and went to exile with his two wives. They met Gurus and realized that they cannot attain a place in heaven without having children. This is when Kunti reminds them of the divine Mantra. She gives birth to Yudhishthira, Arjuna, and Bhima, while Madri gives birth to Nakula and Sahadeva from the same mantra.

Pandu tried to make love with Madri and forgot his curse which made him die then. Madri also committed suicide feeling responsible for his death. Kunti was left with her five sons and then returned to Hastinapur. They were not very well received but they were welcomed. Kunti made sure that they got all the training and rights as the princes.

She was ordered to stay in the capital while the Pandavas were exiled but she chose Vidura’s palace instead of the palace. She also made sure that Bhima married Hidimba in the forest, which lead to the birth of Ghatotkach, who played a significant role in the war.

When Arjuna had returned after beating all the other princes and impressing Draupadi, he told Kunti that he had bought some alms to which Kunti ordered to divide among the five brothers. Kunti then realized her mistake but Draupadi had accepted this as her fate.

Just before the war began, Kunti went to Karna and revealed his truth to her. Karna was heartbroken but he told that he would not side with Pandavas. Instead, he promised that he would only kill Arjuna in the war and would not harm anyone else.

Kunti always stayed with Gandhari despite being on the Pandavas side to make sure that Gandhari never felt alone. Later, Kunti revealed the truth to the Pandavas about Karna and all the Pandavas felt guilt-ridden of committing their brother’s murder. Yudhishtira also cursed that no women shall be able to hide secrets on hearing this from his mother.

She finally left for the Himalayas with Sanjay, Vidura, Dhritarashtra, and Gandhari and died in a forest fire there.

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